Your businesses would probably already have an existing IT support service arrangement - and that's exactly where we can further contribute to your success; we provide ad hoc IT services such as holiday cover, computing work loads overflow, special IT projects management, and second opinions to difficult IT situations.  If nothing else, we'll answer your nagging thoughts with our free IT advice service over the phone or via email. 

Needless to say, we are competent computer engineers when it comes to dealing with networks and server installations - we also repair crashed computers, clean up virus outbreaks, and can expertly help you recover from those unfortunate server disasters that tends to ambush you at the worst moments.  It is vitally important that your recovery procedures actually work and is reviewed by a trusted third party.  

The following are examples of the services and solutions that we provide - We have successfully implemented these solutions for all types of businesses in Bristol and Bath.  We pride ourselves in innovative solutions to match tight budgets and yet not to sacrifice on quality.

To keep things simple and affordable, our pricing structures are simple; clients can either opt for our PAYG price plan where a flat hourly support unit fee is applied with no further commitments or for our monthly retainer payment plan (to be customized to the client’s circumstances and requirements) for better budgeting.

In the majority of cases, out-sourcing IT services to us has meant a significant cost saving and improved IT support reliability for our clients.

Here are some of our computing services:

The Virtual Office - traditionally, a business with more than one site location is complex to handle - the seamlessness of the single location business is hard to achieve.  We have just the right solution for this; we make the technologies work seamlessly for you so that your workforce can work as though they are all at one location -  ie. Phones, computer data handling, email systems, etc all work together seamlessly for everyone as though all the users are in the same building even though they actually may all be in different continents.

Remote Helpdesk - Get computer support online quickly and cheaply.

Servers and Network support - these are without a doubt very critical components of any modern business today -we give them the care and attention that they require.

Virtual Servers with Vmware or Hyper-V Software - we love this technology - truely an advancement in technology that is worth implementing and upgrading to in every business.

Disaster Recovery - You would buy insurance against your building collapsing, but did you plan for Server and Data recovery too?

Office 365 - As we say goodbye to Microsoft's Small Business Server packages this is the logical step forward - let Microsoft take the strain of hosting the Exchange mail server.

VOIP - A fully fledged business phone systems that is cheap to buy into (no big initial captial expenditure) and cheap to use - making life easier and cheaper in the long run.